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This is a Bookvoid book. Bookvoid shows you the right level of details and allows you to create, curate and remix parts of other books. Bookvoid is a bit like Wikipedia but different: *_Sections are always opened inline_. This allows you to avoid having to manage browser tabs and easily keep track of what you are reading. *_Sections are always written by only one Bookvoid account_. You can collaborate with others by simply inserting their sections ( "by reference":http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transclusion ) within your own. This establishes a chain of trust on content. It is easy to see who wrote what. You can also: Add notes, starring and highlights to any section. Read and edit things while offline. Here is an example section about wake turbulence: _The first paragraph introduces the basic concepts_ : Wake turbulence is turbulence that forms behind an aircraft as it passes through the air. This turbulence includes various components, such as wingtip vortices and jetwash. _Click on the triangle on the right to learn a bit more_ : Sharing knowledge is easier than you think Bookvoid sections are written with an easy to use Textile based markup and use the same open Creative Commons license as Wikipedia. You can write a Bookvoid book whether you want to write a short tutorial, a long textbook or even publish your best recipe. Use the book tab ( top right button ) to create a book now. It's free! Then, when you are ready, use the share buttons at the bottom of your book to share it with your friends. See also an example chapter from the "Light and Matter ":http://www.bookvoid.com/book-lm/ physics textbook. Bookvoid is useful for students. _Click on the triangle to see how:_ We would love to hear your feedback about Bookvoid at ben@bookvoid.com or on the "Google Group":https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/bookvoid , "facebook page":http://www.facebook.com/bookvoid or "Google+ page":https://plus.google.com/u/0/100766861365926995326 . For more information, keep reading below. A Bit of Background _Learn more about the principles behind Bookvoid and how they can be used to optimize learning._ The Bookvoid Concoction _Learn more about the structure of Bookvoid books._ Reading with Bookvoid * Writing and Publishing with Bookvoid * Under the Hood * Bookvoid Terms of Service * Troubleshooting * About the Author *