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Each section in a Bookvoid book has a bottom toolbar that can be revealed by hovering on the region just bellow the section (in desktop browsers) or touching this region on touch devices. Touching or clicking the region will reveal the toolbar as well as a section border for a brief period of time. Some of the buttons will only be present when you are signed in Bookvoid. Hide a section. Star a section. * Add a note to a section. * If you are the author of a section, this button will be shown and allows you to edit it. Clicking on a word in a section, highlights all instances of this word in the section. Clicking on the word again removes the highlight. There are three buttons at the top Bookvoid books. Open or create books. View list of starred sections. Adjust font size and brightness settings. Sync changes that happened while offline. After opening a book, Bookvoid attempts to download all the text from the book so that it can be read while offline. After you have loaded a books once in your browser, it should be available even when you are offline. Most images will not load in offline mode. *